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“Had to drive from QLD through Mainland and we had a bad vibration in the car, found Cant’s Motor repairs online and he told us to come in and he would have a look as he did not want to leave us stranded (They were fully booked). after taking the car for a test drive. The problem was a Tyre failing they promptly changed the Tyre refused to be paid!!! and we were back on our holiday again”

Brian – Maitland
“Awesome mechanics, fast and reliable service.”

Ben – Maitland
“Saturday morning, nothing open locally, needed car looked at as I was going up North on Sunday. Seven phone calls later Cant's was open for business. Hoisted up the car, inspected all the brakes, did a couple of things, brought me out a small rock! Wasn't the brake pads after all. Cost: Nil. Couldn't be happier. Many thanks, Cants.”

Jenni – KurriKurri
“Fast and efficient with pink slips”

Bec Neil - Maitland